are you tired of feeling out of control with food?

want to feel good without all the hard work?

are you an emotional and comfort eater?

are you done with dieting but still need a solution?

are you lost when it comes to eating “healthy’?

are you ready to change but need some support?


Your struggle with food can and will end

Does this sound like you?

  • You have lost and gained weight more times than you can remember.
  • You obsess about counting calories.
  • You constantly think about what you have eaten that day.
  • You overeat, binge or comfort eat and feel guilty about it.
  • You use exercise to punish yourself for eating.
  • You have negative, judgemental thoughts about your body
  • You wake up thinking about how to compensate for what you ate yesterday.
  • You have a “food problem”.
  • You feel anxious about taking a rest day from exercise.
  • You feel embarrassed and unhappy in your own skin.
  • You are afraid to eat what you want, in case you become fat.
  • You feel out of control with food.
  • You have lots of rules about what you can and can’t eat.
  • Your food and weight issues are blocking you from being in a relationship.

Then you have come to the right place. I can support you to let go of your struggles and make peace with food and yourself. You may think that you have these struggles because you lack willpower and discipline. You may think that food is your enemy or that you can’t be trusted with food. You may think that you are weak, lazy, or powerless. Your thoughts are not the truth. Food is not the enemy and you don’t need more willpower. I can support you to free yourself from the food and diet trap forever. Let me help you make peace with food and with yourself now.

Make peace with food
Your body will become a friend, not the enemy.


Food Freedom Coach

When it comes to food and body dissatisfaction the first thing you may think of is diet and exercise. You may think that if you just go on a diet, join a gym and lose that weight, you will get the love, acceptance, and happiness you desire and deserve. Unfortunately this approach is failing millions of people around the world. Diets are failing us all in creating physical as well as mental wellbeing. There is another way to approach your weight and body concerns..

Intuitive Eating is an innovative and evidence based approach. It tackles many of the problems you may be dealing with such as binge eating, overeating, weight concerns and poor body image. As a certified Intuitive Eating Coach, I will educate you about the many biological and psychological factors that are impacting your struggle with food. Dieting, restrictive eating, and over-exercise are actually making things worse for you. Like all of us, you have been exposed to negative and conflicting messages about food, weight and diet. You may be confused about what, when and how to eat and have no idea what a happy and healthy relationship with food looks like.

I work one-on-one with men and women to help them restore a healthy relationship with food, exercise and body through the philosophy and concepts of “Intuitive Eating”. Intuitive Eating can help you become the expert on your own body and what it needs to be happy and healthy. You will re-learn to trust yourself around food and in more generally in life. Intuitive Eating is not a diet plan. Diets don’t work, and food is not the enemy. Intuitive Eating is a way of life designed to help you tune into what food your body needs and wants, and to have it without guilt or shame.

As your Intuitive Eating Coach, I incorporate my knowledge of mindfulness and self-compassion with my understanding of Intuitive Eating to guide and support you to:

  • End yo-yo dieting and be free of the dieting merry-go-round once and for all
  • Learn to respond to your natural hunger and fullness signals
  • Have the ability to to incorporate ALL foods into a healthy way of eating, without worry of overeating or bingeing
  • Manage your emotions without using food to cope
  • Trust your body signals to tell you what, when, and how to eat
  • Eat for satisfaction, wellbeing, and zest
  • Accept your body – unconditionally!

You will discover a whole new way of thinking and doing things related to food and weight.  Are you ready to free yourself of struggle and make peace with food?

“After working with Amanda I’m surprised by how different I feel, how I hold myself, how I interact with people and who I have become!”



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“It was rewarding to FINALLY get freedom from fear-of-food and be rid of my fear of fat.”


“I was an emotional eater and the awareness of why I was doing what I was doing was made so much clearer after working with Amanda.”


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